February 3rd, 2013 at 2:48 PM by Twofour

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I am going to try and do a bigger piece every few months and offer them in editions limited to 6. So the first piece is You Will Hear Bells In The Distance herunterladen. This piece is how I envisioned my work looking like when I started doing paper cuts back in 2008. I have done larger more complicated pieces for gallery shows but this is the first in this style that I have offered from my store herunterladen.

You Will Hear Bells In The Distance

Each element is hand screenprinted on baltic birch, hand cut and then the elements are built up into layers bücher herunterladen auf tablet.

Measures 12″ X 12″ X 1 3/4″

This piece comes hand signed and numbered and is limited to 6 pieces total war warhammer 2 kostenlose inhalte herunterladen.

For more info, head over to my Etsy shop —> TWOFOUR MANUFACTURING