Free Art Friday is an art scavenger hunt that happens all over the world tik tok video herunterladen ohne wasserzeichen. Participants make art and place it around town for others to find and take home. I started the Atlanta chapter back in 2010 and have recently relocated to Portland, Oregon do not pdf automatically.

Our goal is to encourage creativity, community building and sharing by getting people out of their cars and out walking and biking to explore their neighborhoods and local businesses while making and taking art herunterladen. This project should be a stress free environment for people of all levels of artistic skill to make and show art without the trappings of the art world and free of crass commercialism netflix series on pc.

Be a MAKER and a TAKER! Twice the fun!

Here is the basic info: Make art! Take art! #FAFPDX


• Make art. Artists of all mediums, ages and skill levels are encouraged to participate herunterladen für smartphone!

• The art should be weatherproof. It’s going to be outside.

• No web address or company logos on the front of the art.

• Put your contact info, Twitter etc on the back so people can let you know they found the piece dj pult kostenlos herunterladen.

• Hang your art around town for people to find. Local businesses are a great place to hide your art as it encourages people to Support Local downloaden aus mediathek!

• Be respectful, family friendly and fun!

• Post a photo and clues to the location of the art on Twitter or Instagram and include the hashtag #FAFPDX internet explorer 8 windows 7 kostenlos downloaden deutsch. People will be able to search that tag and follow along for clues.


• When out hunting for art please remember that this is for everyone directx 10 chip kostenlos. Don’t be greedy!

• If you already have a piece from a particular artist, leave it for someone else to find.

• When you find a piece, give the artist a high five over Twitter Age of empires 2 hd free full version. Include the tag #FAFPDX so others know the piece has been found.

• We really encourage you to be Makers as well as Takers!

Here are a few of my favorite examples from Free Art Friday Atlanta! Take a look at the hashtag #FAFATL to see more examples.

Clunky Robot , Street Undies , Flounder and Ars Gratis .