July 8th, 2014 at 10:48 PM by Twofour

In this post I will show the process of making my Watching/Waiting piece vtech kidigo spelletjes downloaden. The final piece is 6″ X 11″ X 2.5″ made out of 1/2″ and 1/4″ baltic birch. The tools I used are a circular saw for the straight cuts for the frame, a scroll saw for the curved shapes and a Dremel tool and sander for the distressing and shaping die sims 4 herunterladen.

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First I work up the design in Photoshop. Once the image is finalized I work out how it will be built making sure each layer is supported by the layer under it while also hiding the support system. Each layer has alignment holes and hidden center lines to help make sure everything comes together correctly. The left side is the final image and the right side is each layer ready to be printed on paper.

Once the images are compiled, formatted for printing and printed out they are applied to the sheets of wood. I used 1/2″ and 1/4″ baltic birch for this. Next the holes for all the inside cuts are drilled. The shape and size of each piece helps determine if I cut the shape out first or the inside cuts first. Here I’m cutting out the inside cuts for the ears.

First is a test build of all the pieces for the wolf head. Next is the first pass of color. All my colors are thinned house paints. The next two photos are after texturing and distressing. My textures are a combination of sanding away layers of paint, dry brush painting, grey wash and water applications.

Next the frame was painted and built. I use different Dremel bits to scratch and drill into the wood to age and distress it and I used the same dry brush, grey wash and water wash to create the textures. Next the wolf and frame get a few passes of spray paint. You can see how I masked off the areas that I didn’t want to paint.

The wolf and frame both receive another pass of grey wash and some sanding to distress it. The head is mounted inside the frame and its finished.

I’m self taught and far from being a competent woodworker and many of my techniques probably take longer than they should. Everything I know has been from trial and error. That’s part of the fun I guess. I post process photos to document my journey, failures and successes, and to share what I have learned. It’s also an attempt to encourage people to challenge themselves, learn new skills, make something and share their journey with others.

If you are interested, Watching/Waiting is available in my online store, each piece will be signed and numbered and limited to 10.

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