May 17th, 2013 at 10:10 PM by Twofour

So we are finally rested and getting back to normal here at HQ after our whirlwind trip to Philadelphia. We originally planned the trip because JEANETTE had visited Philly briefly back in the winter and wanted to go back and spend more time in the PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART . We heard about the ART STAR CRAFT BAZAAR and decided to plan the trip around it download images from your website.

We don’t usually do many art fairs out of town especially as far away as Philly. We can’t really fly or ship our work so we have to rent a van, fill it with goods and do the drive. We had heard really good things about Art Star and decided to take a chance hörbücher kostenlos downloaden mp3 ohne anmeldung. If it was a bust at least we would have a few days in an interesting town.

Leading up to the trip the weather forecast was looking grim. Thunderstorms and high winds are not a welcome addition to an outside arts and craft fair. We pressed on, packed the van and kept a good attitude. Hey at least we get to spend the day in an awesome museum and try some local Philly vegan food herunterladen!

After a 13 hour drive we arrived at the B n B and crashed for the night. BTW AIRBNB has saved us a ton of money and put us right in the locations we want to be in.

Friday morning we walked over to GRINDCORE HOUSE for coffee and bagels and then we headed over to the museum kniffel kostenlos herunterladen. Make sure you make some time to go to the Philadelphia Museum Of Art at some point! It is a super collection with way too many awesome pieces to list here. I would definitely go back, even after spending the 4-5 hours on this trip.

As predicted it started raining Friday night with a pretty steady rain all night herunterladen. We woke up to a grey Saturday morning but no rain and headed over to Penn’s Landing to set up for the show. The show turned out to be great. Saturday was overcast but it didn’t rain until the show was over. Sunday was beautiful with plenty of sunshine but super windy which is another unwanted addition to an out door show.

Overall the show was really good skyrim mods ps4 herunterladen. I think the weather kept some people away but it was well enough attended that we were able to sell a bunch of work. We had fun, saw the city and met our goals for the show. Pretty right on!

Some things we recommend in Philly:

The Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Walk the city, don’t drive herunterladen! The city is filled with historical buildings and markers that you will miss if you are in a car. Philly is very walkable.

Grindcore House Coffee
All vegan coffee shop with a full case of Vegan Treats! A library filled with books about radical politics! Hardcore/punk music in the background! I felt at home!

Vegan Treats
Vegan cakes,pies,cookies etc can no longer windows 10. One of the best bakers around, VEGAN OR NOT. Good to get some back in my eat hole.

Blackbird Pizzeria
All vegan pizza and sandwich shop, also with Vegan Treats desserts! Owned and operated by a super nice crew of hardcore/punk kids! Really good sandwiches! The staff talked to me about Los Crudos.

Wooden Shoe Books
All-volunteer collectively-run anarchist bookstore apps downloaden op galaxy watch. Around for over 30 years! I always love a city with a store like this.

Big thanks to Philadelphia for coming out to the show in weird weather and supporting us!

Big thanks to the cast and crew of Art Star! They ran a well organized show, they were always around if we had questions and even stopped by our booth to buy a bunch of stuff large file!