July 13th, 2011 at 4:28 PM by Twofour

Punk Rock Positive Affirmations filme kostenlos onlineen!

Growing up in the punk/hardcore scene left a huge impact on me and really helped shape my view of the world. It taught me to root for the underdog 3 wins free. It taught me that life should be about creativity and choosing your own path. It also taught me that being angry is ok and can be used as a tool to bring about positive change herunterladen. After years of singing along with bands and reading lyric sheets ,the words to many of my favorite songs have become part of my DNA. Listening to a guy scream at the top of his lungs over blasting guitars “Rise Above, we’re gonna Rise Above” really can make an impact microsoft photodraw v2 kostenlosen deutsch. These pieces are taken from some of my favorite songs and are daily reminders of where I have been and to keep moving forward for a better tomorrow.

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