November 24th, 2010 at 12:28 PM by Twofour

With the holladaze coming up some people might be thinking about spending some of that hard to come by cash youtube videos auf smartphone downloaden. If you are one of those people please consider spending it at one of the many small local businesses in your city.

Here in Atlanta we have a ton of great options to pick from herunterladen. In many cases the money that these small businesses make during the holladaze will sustain them through the leaner times in the rest of the year. Here are just a few of my picksbut this list could be so much longer herunterladen. I picked these places not only because of what they sell but because they are all super nice people.

EDIT: I didn’t include restaurants on this list, that is for another post but Atlanta has tons of great local spots for food how can I download video clips.

If you own a local spot and feel snubbed by my list it wasn’t intentional. The idea here is that I make a short list and other people add on a few and pass it on bilder herunterladen samsung galaxy s7.
Criminal Records is an Atlanta institution staffed by super nice people projektmanagement excel kostenlos. Records,books,magazines,toys,free concerts and more. They are also a big supporter of local art.
Get your cruelty free on moodle videos herunterladen! Ken and Leigh rule!
Becky has so much going on I don’t understand how she has time to do everything videos mit vlc downloaden. Check out her store and read through her blog.
Jay is a real inspiration herunterladen. He always has a ton of projects in the works and his furniture is insane!
I challenge you to find a nicer group of people running a tattoo shop gimp download kostenlos windows 10. Plus they all do great work.
Atlanta has a bunch of great indie art galleries but Young Blood is without a doubt the hub. The gallery features monthly shows and the boutique is stocked with great indie art.
Buying from Jeanette directly supports my cookie habit!
The art shows are curated by Beep Beep Gallery who are another great indie gallery in Atlanta. Mark and James kill it! Oh they also have great coffee. Fuck Starbucks! Buy local!

So now I challenge you to make your own list,post it and help spread the word about buying from your friends and neighbors who own a small local business.